Corner flag holder


Corner Flag Holder for standard flags 12×18 inches – Perfect for displaying smaller flags on any outer corners as quick and easy decoration for national holidays, festivals and other events or to show commitment to nationality, heritage, cultural environment.

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Set contains Corner holder 4x4x3’’; two portable flag holders; accessory kit
made of: Corner – PLA plastic, Flag holders – TPU
Suitable for standard flags 12×18 inches, plastic/wood stick 20-24 inches long, ¼-inch thick
Accessory kit includes: 4 Screws, 2 pcs double-sided tape for outdoor use, 10 ml Silicon, suitable for brick, stone and other hard surfaces
Works well on wooden, siding, brick and other hard surfaces corner of buildings or beams
In the holder fastening of flags sealing membranes for reliable fixing
Three basic colors – white, bronze, black

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